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Customized rewriting, editing and proofreading
for non-native English speakers

rewriting, proofreading and editing

Does your college application letter need a rewriting job? Maybe you need some rewriting work done on your website or your journal article. If so, I am here for you. – Brian

For non-native English speakers, I will proofread, edit and rewrite

college letters, essays, books, advertising copy, journal articles,

website content, presentations, screenplays, and more.

If your rewriting, editing or proofreading job is personal, educational or business oriented, you’ve come to the right website. My services are available to both individuals and businesses. I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every job!

You have found this website at just the right time. I am in need of testimonials so for a limited time, I am offering my services for the very low price of $9.00 U.S. per every 270 words.

With the low U.S. Dollar, this price is very inexpensive! This is a limited time offer.

Most of my rewriting, editing and proofreading has been done for students, professors and businessmen and women in China. I am currently soliciting work from individuals in China, Japan, South Asia and Africa. If you live in any of these areas, please contact me immediately about your rewriting, editing and proofreading needs. In case you have found this website outside of my Craigslist postings, I will also accept jobs from other areas.

Making Friends

Thank you very much for visiting my website. While this is a business website, I hope to make friends of my customers. I place a high value on friendship with people from outside the United States. I live in Dallas, Texas in the United States, but I desire to live in or visit those areas where I am actively soliciting rewriting, editing and proofreading work. Again, thank you very much for your visit.

Please read about my rewriting, editing and proofreading experiences on the Experience page. For our various rewriting, editing and proofreading services, click here. if you would like tell me about your rewriting needs, please use our contact form.


Recent Completed Projects

Admission letter to Texas A&M for Chinese National

Twenty page paper on electronic bills of lading for Chinese professor

Statement of Purpose for Oxford University for Chinese national

7000 word paper for academic journal Land Use Policy for Chinese professor

Twenty page paper on 2008 Olympics simulation on Bejing for Chinese professor